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Welcome to Enakajah Spice Garden. A place to find premium Spices, spice blends and recipe packs.


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Recipe Packs

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Our shop is filled with a premium selection of individual spices, blends for various dishes and pre-packed ingredients for specific meals we have on our recipe site. 


Premium Spices

Premium Spices

Customers reviews

I have ordered the spice garden products many times as it saves me time. Most of the spices and blends are hard to find in one place but the spice garden has everything I need. They are plastic free and their bottles are lovely. The refills come in unique vegetable waaste product papaer that is really neat.
Harvey Headlbanger
Business Manager
Cooking is a passion of mine. I love it and I love the blends that I can get from the Spice Garden. The recipe packs are a terrific idea so I can shop for the main stuff and rely on the packs to provide everything I need for guests without lots of searching around. I love the bottle deal and refill envelopes are really neat.
Abney Clingfilm
Budding Cook
When your days are filled with work and chasing around it is a relief to know that spmeone out there is ready to help. The recipe packs are a life saver and if you order in time for a party or something, they will buy everything you need including the packs. Really terrific and the prices are reasonable for what we gt.
Vincent Pepsodent
Surf Shop Owner



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